Unique Girl Names Starting With X

X is a red-hot letter in baby names right now, but girl names that start with X remain an exotic, exclusive group.

Only two X names for girls currently feature in the US Top 1000: the extravagant Spanish options Ximena and Xiomara. All of the choices in the list below rank outside the Top 1000, making them ideal if you're looking for a truly original name for your baby girl.

Along with Ximena and Xiomara, other exotic X-starting girls' names to consider include zippy Xia, sweet Xochitl, and feisty Xanthe, which ranks in the England and Wales Top 1000 baby names for girls.

And if you're open to a spot of creative respelling, uncommon variants like Xara, Xena and Xandra could be a simple route to that super-cool X initial — what girl wouldn't love signing off with an X?!

Find all of our exciting unique X names for girls here.

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