Boy Names Starting With S

Boy names starting with S are led today by Sebastian, a departure from the mid-century heyday of S names Steven and Scott.

Along with Sebastian, stylish S names for boys which rank in the US Top 500 are Samuel, Santiago, Sawyer, Simon, Sullivan, Solomon and Sterling.

S is also a fashionable starting sound in the UK, where Stanley, Sonny, Seth, Spencer and Syed join Sebastian and Samuel in the Top 200.

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In the Netherlands, short, nicknamey picks like Sem, Sam and Stijn come out on top, while in Poland classic S-starting names Szymon and Stanisław rank in the Top 20.

But there are still plenty of stylish S names sailing under the radar: Stellan, Saxon, Sirius and Sylvester are just some of the smart S-starting choices beloved by our members, but nowhere to be seen on the official list.

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S Names for Boys