Top Baby Names in Iceland 2016

The most popular names for babies in Iceland are Emilía and Alexander.

Along with Emilía, other top names for girls in Iceland include Emma, Sara, Eva, and Anna. Along with Alexander, other common names for boys in Iceland include Aron, Viktor, Kristian, and Róbert.

Iceland’s baby name policies are notable in that the Icelandic Naming Committee must approve all given names not previously used in the country. For the most part, these names can only contain letters within the Icelandic alphabet—meaning no Cs, Qs, Ws, or Zs. And only recently, in 2019, did Iceland’s laws change so that names would no longer be restricted to one gender.

Quintessentially Icelandic names in the Top 25 include Hekla, Salka, and Sóley for girls, and Jökull, Breki, and Arnar for boys. While it is difficult to picture many of these on an American baby, choices like Embla, Bríet, Katla, and Ragnar might be worth considering.