Old Norse
"bold warrior"

Einar Origin and Meaning

The name Einar is a boy's name meaning "bold warrior".

With Norse (and pseudo-Norse) names such as Thor, Odin and Magnus growing in popularity, this one, which refers to warriors destined for Valhalla on account of their bravery, might have some appeal outside Scandinavia. Its slightly Eeyore-ish sound is balanced out by connections to some major historical figures, including a Norwegian prime minister.

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Einar Popularity

Famous People Named Einar

  • Einar Henry Gerhardsenformer Prime Minister of Norway
  • Ole Einar BjörndalenNorwegian Olympic biathlete
  • Einar JansenNorwegian historian
  • (Axel Johann) Einar LönnbergSwedish zoologist and conservationist
  • Einar Örn Benediktssonpop singer of Icelandic band the Sugarcubes
  • Einar Aaron SwanAmerican big band musician
  • Einar Ingvald HaugenAmerican linguist
  • Einar Antonio DíazPanamanian baseball player
  • (Sven) Einar EnglundFinnish composer
  • Einar SelvikNorwegian musician

Einar in Pop Culture

  • EinarCharacter in the Lorien Legacies spin off series, Generation One