Magic Names

Magic names possess the power to influence and inspire the paths of the people who bear them. They have become newly popular in response to the coronavirus pandemic. After experiencing intense hardship, parents are seeking names with incantatory power to arm and protect their children against future challenges.

Magic names include powerful word names, names with inspirational meanings, and superhero names of legendary figures both good and evil. Names of controversial mythic personages, such as Ophelia, Kali, and even Lucifer, are now being reconsidered as parents recognize the gray area in the interpretation of their stories.

Along with Ophelia and Kali, other magic names in the US Top 1000 include Athena, Cyrus, Evangeline, Heavenly, Legend, Lilith, Messiah, and Titan. Celebrities have been at the forefront of this trend — recent magical starbaby names include Powerful, Atlas, Win, and Sovereign.

In the recent past, these spellbinding names were considered unsurmountable challenges — who could live up to a name like Saint or Aphrodite? But after reckoning with our inner strength during a challenging year, parents are embracing magic names as prophecy and relishing their chance to imbue their children with fortitude and power.

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