Names with Good Meanings

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Good meanings are a plus for all baby names, creating something for your child to live up to. The names with good meanings here include modern virtue names such as Peace and True that are literally inspirational words as well as more conventional names with meanings such as brave, strong, and beautiful. Baby names with good meanings could set your child on the right course for life. Consider these names with uplifting positive meanings for your baby girl or boy.

  • Airini

    The name Airini is a girl's name meaning "peace". Airini is the Maori transliteration of the name Eirene, whcih comes from the Greek goddess of peace. A notable bearer of this name is nineteenth... Read More 

  • Akudo

    The name Akudo is a girl's name meaning "peaceful wealth". Akudo is an Igbo-Nigerian name stemming from the Igbo word 'udo' meaning peace. Unlike other names containing the name "Udo", Akudo is a... Read More 

  • Alafia

    The name Alafia is a girl's name meaning "peace". Alafia is a Yoruba name for peace and is used as a name for both men and women in Nigeria. Read More 

  • Alika

    The name Alika is a girl's name of Hawaiian, Swahili origin meaning "truthful; most beautiful". Alika is a multicultural choice that's far off the beaten track. Read More 

  • Amena

    The name Amena is a girl's name of Celtic origin meaning "honest, utterly pure". A possible Born Again name -- Amen -- in the same class as the still-popular Nevaeh (that's Heaven spelled... Read More 

  • Amias

    The name Amias is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "loved". Amias or Amyas is a unique name with an attractive sound and feel... Read More 

  • Amity

    The name Amity is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "friendship". Amity--what nicer gift to give your little girl than a name that signifies friendship and harmony? This virtue name is also... Read More 

  • Andrea

    The name Andrea is a unisex name of German, English, Italian origin meaning "strong and manly". Andrea -- a feminine form of Andrew (and a male name in several European cultures)-- comes with a... Read More 

  • Anju

    The name Anju is a girl's name meaning "an honor". Pronounced AHN-joo, a soft, seductive name with a noble meaning.Read More 

  • Anwen

    The name Anwen is a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning "very fair, beautiful". Anwen is one of the simplest and best of the classic Welsh girls' names, more unusual than Bronwen but with the... Read More 

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