Names That Mean Honor

Many parents hope their child grows up to be honored and respected, and some might choose to reflect that in their son or daughter’s name. Names related to honor and respect have meanings such as praise, esteemed, admirable, and integrity. Prestigious baby names include current favorites like Nora and Jude, as well as lesser-heard names like Cadogan and Mireya. Take a look at this list if you need an honorable baby name for your child.

  • Aenea


    This name found in the fantasy series Endymion/Rise of Endymion has a slightly physiological feel to it.Read More 

  • Aeneas


    He was the legendary son of Venus, hero of Troy and Rome, and broke the heart of Queen Dido of Carthage. Sure, its more challenging than Charlie - but if you're looking this name up, that's... Read More 

  • Ahmad


    One of the five hundred plus variations on Muhammad, this is a favorite Muslim choice. Read More 

  • Akbar


    Name of a great Indian Mogul king, a Matt Groening cartoon character, and many Indian restaurants. Read More 

  • Alimayu


    Wesley Snipes chose this distinctive East African name for his son.Read More 

  • Aneurin


    Rarely heard in the US, it's best remembered in the U.K. via Aneurin Bevan, who as Minister for Health was instrumental in setting up the National Health Service. Bevan was known as Nye, and this... Read More 

  • Anju


    Pronounced AHN-joo, a soft, seductive name with a noble meaning.Read More 

  • Annora


    Annora is a noble name, a distinctive twist on its most essential form: Honor. Other variations to explore include Honora and Nora. Read More 

  • Aryan


    Very popular Iranian name which has been on the U. S. Top 1000 charts for a number of years. However, given its white supremacist connotations, we suggest you try the Arian spelling. Read More 

  • Athalie


    An interesting cousin of Natalie (the 'h' is silent) found in the Louisiana Cajun community, Athalie is the name of a tragedy by classic French playwright Racine.Read More 

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