AHR-ee-un or AIR-ee-un
"warrior, honorable"

Aryan Origin and Meaning

The name Aryan is a boy's name of Iranian origin meaning "warrior, honorable".

Aryan derives from the Sanskrit word ārya, meaning "honorable" or "high-born." As a term, Aryan was used to describe Indo-Europeans—particularly Iranians—who shared common religious, cultural, and linguistic history. It was later misapplied by the Nazis to refer solely to Germanic and Nordic Caucasians, ultimately corrupting the term.

Aryan is a very popular Iranian name that has been on the U. S. Top 1000 charts for a number of years. However, given its white supremacist connotations, we suggest you try the Arian spelling or better yet, avoid this name altogether.

# 737 in the US

Aryan Rank in US Top 1000

# 416 on Nameberry

Aryan Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Aryan Popularity

Famous People Named Aryan

  • Aryan VaidIndian male model and TV personality
  • Aryan Khan (b. 1997)son of actor Shah Rukh Khan

Aryan in Pop Culture

  • Aryanthief and main character from the hit Indian film "Dhoom 2"
  • Aryan RaceHitler's idea of white supremacy