Celebrity Baby Word Names

Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple may still be the most famous case, but these days she's far from the only celebrity child with a word name. Today, there are enough celebrity baby names that are also words that we can fill a whole long list with them.

The Kardashians particularly love word names and can be credited with the success of Dream and Saint, among others.

Along with Dream and Saint, other celebrity baby word names in the US Top 1000 include Bear, Ember, Haven, Lyric, Major, Reign, Seven, and Winter. Among the most novel choices of recent years are Ice, Chapel, Rumble, and Powerful.

In their ever-widening search for new and unique names, celebrities are turning to words that relate to nature, spirituality, animals, places, weather, colors, even numbers. Bonus: many of these, by virtue of being new and unconventional, count as truly unisex baby names. Here, word names that have been used in recent years for celebrity babies.
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