Writing-Related Names

Literary names have become a very stylish group in recent years, and here's an offshoot that's gotten less attention. With credit to @Vana , a berry who created an original list of similar names, these names all relate to writing itself. Writing-related baby names can connect to poetry, plot structure, and literary devices. If you're a writer or simply a book lover, one of those original word names connected to writing may be, well, right for you.

  • Allegory


    If Fable, Story and Saga are getting a look in, why not Allegory? Allegory offers the cute nickname Ally.Read More 

  • Aristeia


    In epic poetry, the term aristeia is used to denote the climactic point where the hero/heroine has their finest hour. Aristeia feels at home with other big Greek names like Atalanta, Cassiopeia... Read More 

  • Aubade


    Where as a serenade is an evening love song, an aubade is sung first thing in the morning. Read More 

  • Author


    An occupation name that sounds odd to the modern ear but enjoyed some use a century ago. May make a comeback as a more genteel brother to the new union of boys (and girls) with worker names such... Read More 

  • Baird


    Meaning bard, this is an original choice with poetic and melodic undertones. Bard itself has also come into consideration, both names bringing to mind Shakespeare and other literary lights. ... Read More 

  • Ballad


    Ballad could be the masculine answer to Aria. An obvious and cute nickname is Lad or Laddie.Read More 

  • Bolan


    An Irish surname name with a combination of boldness and élan. Some might connect it to the founder of the group T. Rex -- Marc Bolan. Read More 

  • Booker


    Booker would make for a very cool name, for writers, reformers, R & B fans and those wanting to pay tribute to Booker T. Washington.

    Booker T. Washington, born in slavery, became a... Read More 

  • Canon


  • Canto


    A canto is a literary term denoting a long passage in a poem. Dante's Divine Comedy is broken into such cantos. As a name, Canto packs in literary credentials with pithy punch.Read More 

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