Names That Mean Victory

Names meaning victory or glory have a naturally winning aura, imparting an upbeat feeling to a child. Name meanings related to victory include victorious and glorious. You'll notice groups of related names here which share victory-related meanings: There are the Nicholas names, those related to Sigrid, and names in the Victor constellation. If you want your child's name to mean victory or some other kind of win, consider the choices on this list.

  • Ailsa


    Ailsa is a traditional Scottish name for girls related to a rocky island in the Firth of Clyde called Ailsa Craig. It might... Read More 

  • Aintza


    This Basque name also has a variation: Aintzane.Read More 

  • Alcide


    This is the French version of Alcides, birth name of the Greek mythological Heracles (Hercules). You're more likely to recognize it as the name of the hot True Blood werewolf, Alcide... Read More 

  • Almonzo


    Introduced to the lexicon by the husband of Little House on the Prairie writer Laura Ingalls Wilder, most scholars agree that this unusual name comes from the Arabic El-Mansur.Read More 

  • Amarjeet


    Amarjeet can be used as both a masculine and feminine name. It is popular in Asia and has a strong meaning.Read More 

  • Andarta


    Andarta was a warrior goddess thought to have been associated with victory.Read More 

  • Androcles


    Mythological name with a fabulous meaning. Sure it's weighty, but so is Aphrodite; Andy is an easy nickname choice to make this name more wearable in the classroom.Read More 

  • Bartram


    The raven was a holy bird in Norse mythology, giving this choice some resonance beyond other Bart variations. Read More 

  • Behramji


    This fabulous Indian name comes to us via nineteenth century Indian author and reformer Behramji Malabari. Malabri devoted most of his life to advocating for the rights of women and girls and to... Read More 

  • Berenice


    A name with a surprising amount of history--it was the name of the wife of Ptolemy I of Egypt, occurs in the New Testament, and belonged to a fourth century saint. In the US, it has long been... Read More 

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