Unique Boy Names: Unusual and Rare

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  • Perrin

    Perrin has been in long use as a surname, derived from Peter, and is now used quietly as a first name. It was given in 2014 to 33 boys and 15 girls in the US. It has an attractive sound and feel.Read More 

  • Phineas

    Phineas is the English variation of Phinehas, a Hebrew name likely derived from the Egyptian name Pa-nehasi. Pa-nehasi, meaning “the Nubian” can also be translated as “the bronze-colored one.” The... Read More 

  • Quentin

    Quentin, an offbeat name with lots of character, relates to the Latin for the number five and is by far the subtlest and most usable of the Latin birth-order names, masculine as well as stylish... Read More 

  • Quincy

    Quirky in the way that all Q names are quirky, Quincy was once a buttoned-up, patrician New England name, an image countered in recent years by the talented and ultracool musician Quincy Jones... Read More 

  • Raleigh

    Attractive North Carolina place-name and surname of explorer Sir Walter Raleigh. Distinctive, classy-but-approachable choice for either sex.Read More 

  • Rhodes

    A Greek island and a prestigious scholarship make an upper-crusty first name. Read More 

  • Roan

    Warm-hued spelling spin on Rowan that was chosen by Sharon Stone for one of her three young sons.Read More 

  • Robinson

    This can be a cool and unusual way to honor your family Robert, conjuring up memories of Robinson Crusoe and Swiss Family Robinson, as well as narrative poet Robinson Jeffers,... Read More 

  • Rolando

    Rolando, along with brother name Orlando, are among the most attractive and appealing of Latinate names. It has been in the US Top 1000 every year since 1946.Read More 

  • Rome

    Given that Rome is arguably the most important city in European history, it has been used as a first name remarkably little. However, Roman is now in the Top 100, so it was only a matter of time... Read More 

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