Baby Names Ending in Ley

Ashley started it, and today there is a whole raft of stylish baby names that end with ley -- if not literally those letters, then at least the sound. Most ley baby names are for girls but some work for boys too. The downside: The ley ending is so trendy that baby names that carry it can feel more popular than they are. There are also lots of names that end in lee, lie, lea, ly, and so one that produce the same trendy sound. The prime baby names that end in ley include the following.

  • Ainsley


    While theoretically unisex, this surname name has been edging up the girls’ names list, perhaps originally as an Ashley substitute. Read More 

  • Annesley


    Latter-day Ashley that comes in a range of spelling variations. Ansley and Ainsley have both hit the Top 1000 in recent years.Read More 

  • Arley


    Sounds a bit like Harley pronounced with a cockney accent. Read More 

  • Ashley


    Ashley was a sensation in the 1980s and 1990s; it hit Number 1 in 1991. Ashley is still pretty but more and more parents are turning to newer names like Ashlyn and Aubrey, and spellings such as... Read More 

  • Bailey


    Bailey -- a jaunty surname -- was first used for a female TV character in 1978 in the show WKRP in Cincinnaati, then caught on big time. Bailey's still an appealing choice, though, and a... Read More 

  • Berkeley


    The Brits say BARK-lee, but we pronounce it the same as the name of the California college: either way it's quite pretentious and of another era. Read More 

  • Blakesley


    Blakesley is the name of a village in England, also sometimes found as a surname along with Blakely and Blakeley, turned into a first name for their daughter by reality stars Trista and Ryan... Read More 

  • Bradley


    An English surname name, Bradley has a long history, dating way back to at least 1086, but as a first name it actually succeeded in the US before it reached England--though Dickens used it in his... Read More 

  • Briley


    Similar to Brielle and Riley, this name lags quite far behind these more common variations. It peaked at Number 622 in 2009 in the US, but it is now descending the ranks.Read More 

  • Brinley


    Brinley was a surprise entrant to the girls’ names list in 2009, coming in at Number 778; it has since risen to Number 337. We've also seen it... Read More 

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