Cool Baby Names That Start With Z

The zippiest, zestiest first initial for baby names around must be Z. Zoe and Zachary are the top baby names starting with Z in the US. Along with all the versions of Zoe and Zachary, names beginning with Z on the US Top 1000 include Zion, Zayden, Zane, Zara, Zuri, Zander, and Zaylee. Unique cool names starting with Z range from Zelig to Zelda. Zara, the name of one of the Queen's granddaughters, is the top-ranked Z name in England, while Zelie makes the Top 100 in France. Z as an initial is so intrinsically cool it may be that there are no baby names starting with Z that aren't cool. Here are some of the best Z-starting names for baby boys and baby girls.

  • Zabana

    Has a nice exotic but outdoorsy, beachy cabana feel. Read More 

  • Zabe

    Parents with a penchant for inventing names seem especially enamored of the letter Z, maybe for its counterculture feel and its extra zip. Read More 

  • Zabelle

    Zabelle and Zabel are fresh (to us) and ancient forms of Isabel, making zippy variations for modern lovers of that ancient name who feel the original is overexposed.Read More 

  • Zac

    A popular nickname that, over the past few decades, has acquired enough standing to work on its own, a la earlier equivalents such as Jack and Max; an alternative to Zach/Zack. Actor/singer Zac... Read More 

  • Zaccheus

    A New Testament tax collector was called Zaccheus, the freshest spin on this biblical favorite. Read More 

  • Zachariah

    This distinguished name still feels a bit ancient, but with the rise of such former graybeards as Jeremiah and Elijah, it also sounds child-friendly again, as does the Latin-Greek form Zacharias. ... Read More 

  • Zachary

    Zachary is the English variation of Zacharias, which itself is derived from the Hebrew name Zechariah. The name Zachary is attached to eight different people in the Bible, the most prominent being... Read More 

  • Zade

    Zesty brother of Cade and Slade. Read More 

  • Zadie

    When aspiring British writer Sadie Smith decided to change her name to the more distinctive and zippy Zadie at the age of fourteen, this attention-magnet name was born. But though it might sound... Read More 

  • Zadok

    A rarely heard biblical name, Zadoc is borne by no less than nine Old Testament men. The most famous was a priest who lived during the reign of King David, whom he helped and supported, and was... Read More 

  • Zaelia

    Sometimes cited as an Anglicized form of the Spanish name Rosalia/Rosaelia, Zaelia may also derive from other similar-sounding names, like Azalea, Zelia or Zélie. With high-value Scrabble letters... Read More 

  • Zafar

    A strong name with a strong meaning, like its cousin Zafir. Read More 

  • Zafira

    Has a gemlike glow, as in Sapphire. Read More 

  • Zafiro

  • Zahara

    Zahara, a delicate but strong multicultural name, came into the spotlight when Angelina Jolie bestowed it on her Ethiopian-born daughter, and we predict other parents will adopt it as well. If you... Read More 

  • Zahava

    This is a Hebrew word name, created from the word zahav, meaning gold. Read More 

  • Zahavi

    A Middle Eastern name rarely heard here, but with a certain swashbuckling charm. Read More 

  • Zahir

    A popular name in the Middle East and one of the most evocative choices of its genre. One of the 99 names of Allah. The feminine form is Zahira.Read More 

  • Zahn

    Newswoman Paula brought the surname Zahn to the public eye. It makes a dramatic, unusual Zane alternative -- though you may not want to enlighten your child as to its prosaic meaning. Read More 

  • Zahra

    Abbreviated form of Zahara that was used by Chris Rock for his daughter and as a middle name by both Eddie Murphy and David Bowie. Compared with the even-more-abbreviated Zara, Zahra may create... Read More 

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