Hunger Games Baby Names

The Hunger Games trilogy has inspired a post-Harry Potter generation of original baby names. Author Suzanne Collins used a mix of historical, mythological, and totally invented names to set the scene for her dystopian society, placed roughly 150 years in the future. In the country of Panem, Octavia and Androcles exist alongside Glimmer and Marvel.

Along with Octavia, other Hunger Games baby names in the US Top 1000 include Alma, Apollo, Bonnie, Cecelia, Darius, Felix, Otto, and Rory. Among Collins’ original creations are Haymitch, Finnick, and of course, Katniss.

Unlike Harry Potter, which influenced the rise of names such as Luna and Arabella, the Hunger Games has not inspired a baby name revolution. The biggest success has been Finnick, a name Collins created, which is now given to over 100 baby boys each year.

These Hunger Games characters' names, which include elements from ancient history and sci-fi, might be right for your literary baby. Take a look at our compilation below.
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