Names That Mean Happy

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Names that mean happy, happiness, and joy have an undeniable appeal for parents wishing positive things for their child.

Happiness is a wonderful meaning for a baby's name, suggesting an upbeat personality and an optimistic future. Names that mean happy, happiness, joy, bliss or some other upbeat feeling include ancient mythological names, such as Arcadia and Festus, along with modern word names, like Revel and Jubilee.

Names with happy meanings come from a range of cultures and origins, from the Hebrew Asher and Naomi to the Japanese Nara and Miyuki. Along with Naomi and Asher, names meaning happy in the US Top 1000 include Abigail, Beatrice, Bonnie, Delilah, Eden, Felicity, Felix, and Tate. More unusual, or even unique, baby names meaning happy include Blythe, Lettie, Onni, and Seeley.

If you’re hoping your child is joyful and lively, a happy baby name is a good place to start. Here are some joyful names for a happy baby.

  • Abigail

    The name Abigail is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "my father is joyful". Abigail comes from the Hebrew name Avigail and is derived from the Hebrew elements ab, meaning “father,”... Read More 

  • Aida

    The name Aida is a girl's name of Arabic, Italian origin meaning "happy". Aida is a melodic name largely associated with the title character of the 1871 Verdi opera, an enslaved Ethiopian... Read More 

  • Alaia

    The name Alaia is a girl's name meaning "joyful, happy". Alaia, a fast riser in the US, sounds just like several other popular stylish names, many of them with different origins and meanings. ... Read More 

  • Alair

    The name Alair is a girl's name meaning "happy, cheerful". Alair is a lighter, more unusual form of Hilary. Read More 

  • Alan

    The name Alan is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "handsome, cheerful". In its three most popular spellings -- Alan along with Allen and Allan -- this midcentury favorite has tended to skew... Read More 

  • Alanis

    The name Alanis is a girl's name meaning "handsome, cheerful". Singer Alanis Morissette made this twist famous. She was named for her father Alan, who is said to have spotted this version in a... Read More 

  • Alanna

    The name Alanna is a girl's name meaning "handsome, cheerful". The extra n makes it feel less like an feminization of Alan and more like a name unto itself.Read More 

  • Alisa

    The name Alisa is a girl's name of Hebrew, Russian origin meaning "great happiness". Alisa is less popular than more complicated forms of Alice like Alyssa or Alicia, perhaps because of its... Read More 

  • Allegra

    The name Allegra is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "joyous". In music, the term allegro means "quickly, lively tempo," which makes this quintessential Bohemian ballet dancer's name all... Read More 

  • Anand

    The name Anand is a boy's name meaning "happiness, bliss". A strong sounding name with a joyful meaning.Read More 

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