Names That Mean New and New Beginnings

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  • January

    The name January is a unisex name meaning "month name". Thanks to two cultural influences, January has joined March, April, June and August as a plausible month name.

    The first was a... Read More 

  • Jarek

    The name Jarek is a boy's name of Slavic, Polish origin meaning "spring". Diminutive for all the Slavic names that start with Jar-. If for family or ethnic reasons you're seeking such a name,... Read More 

  • Javiera

    The name Javiera is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "new house, bright". Javiera, pronounced ha-vee-AIR-a, is not as well used as twin brother JAVIER, but makes an attractive Latina choice.Read More 

  • Kady

    The name Kady is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "first". Kady, though it has an authentic Irish meaning, may also be a variation of Katy short form of Kadence, or combination of initials... Read More 

  • Kazuo

    The name Kazuo is a boy's name of Japanese origin meaning "first son or harmonious man". Kazuo is a boys' name well-used in Japan though not well-known in the U.S. Kazuo Ishiguro is the author... Read More 

  • Kelda

    The name Kelda is a girl's name of Norse origin meaning "spring, fountain". One of the few K names that sounds middle-aged. Read More 

  • Khloe

    The name Khloe is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "young green shoot". Khloe's a variation of the popular Chloe, thanks to reality star Karshadian of the K-named family. Khloe jumped a... Read More 

  • Kia

    The name Kia is a girl's name of African origin meaning "season's beginning". Kia is a sweet, simple name that is now, unfortunately, associated with a Korean car label. Better today: Nia, Thea,... Read More 

  • Laverne

    The name Laverne is a girl's name of French origin meaning "springlike". A name better left where it is, embroidered on a fifties poodle skirt. Read More 

  • Midori

    The name Midori is a girl's name of Japanese origin meaning "green". In Japan, color names symbolize human qualities (in this case, fame); name of gifted violist Midori, but also a Japanese melon... Read More 

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