Finnish Baby Names for Boys

Finnish baby names have a quirkier bent than those from the neighboring countries of Scandinavia. Finnish names split the difference between Nordic names and Baltic names — there is a lot of crossover between Finland and Estonia, in particular.

The most popular Finnish names for boys in Finland include Eeli, Eino, Vaino, Onni, and Leevi. You may be familiar with Finnish boy names such as Timo, Jussi, Mikko, Rami, and Eero — notably borne by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen.

Rarer Finnish names for boys worth considering include Armas, Fenno, Harto, Kalevi, Rasmus, and Risto. Below, find the most accessible Finnish names for boys, however, not all are currently popular or stylish in Finland itself.

Finnish Boy Names
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