Boy Names Trendier Than You Think

The trendiest baby boy names may be a very different group than you'd guess, especially for the first-time parent new to recent baby-naming fads and popular name trends.

We've analyzed several years of official name popularity lists to pinpoint the boys' names that are making fast strides up the charts. Some of these names have vaulted into the popularity charts, others are getting ready to break through.

Among the most popular trendy boy names in the US Top 100 are Kai, Leo, Leonardo, Lincoln, Logan, Mateo, Maverick, and Theodore. Boy names with high style but that aren’t used as widely include Copeland, Jericho, Montgomery, and Ridge.

If it surprises you to learn that more boys are named Bodhi and Huxley than Bobby and Harry, you may need a lesson in today’s trendy baby names. Here, some surprisingly trendy baby names for boys.
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