New York Neighborhood Names

Brooklyn is, of course, the most widely used of these choices, but Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz recently added baby name Bronx to the mix and there are lots of other intriguing New York-themed baby names here.

  • Ansonia

    Sounds too much like the name of a hotel. Read More 

  • Arverne

    The name of a Queens, New York neighborhood sounds like a lost-in-limbo girls' name such as LAVERNE.Read More 

  • Astoria

    Long more associated with the New York Waldorf- hotel and the neighborhood in Queens than as a baby name, Astoria is finally beginning to emerge from their shadow and find favor with parents... Read More 

  • Bellerose

    A felicitous combo of two sweet names; also a Queens, New York neighborhood.Read More 

  • Bronx

    Rockers Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz put a new baby name on the map when they chose this downscale New York borough name for their son. The Bronx, the place, was named for early Dutch settler... Read More 

  • Brooklyn

    Posh Spice and David Beckham's little boy notwithstanding, Brooklyn is popular mainly for girls, with a whole raft of new feminine spellings taking it away from the New York borough. Read More 

  • Cambria

    Most names that start with Cam- are on the upswing, so why not this obscure term for Wales as well as for a prehistoric time period. Read More 

  • Canarsie

    Has much too strong of a Brooklyn accent.Read More 

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea is still being used, but it was much more popular a few decades ago--it peaked at Number 15 in 1992. Chelsea first entered the American consciousness in a major way via the character Jane... Read More 

  • Clinton

    Like many names that have strong political connotations, the attractiveness of the name Clinton will be affected by your world-view. But, taking politics out of the equation, Clinton has a lovely... Read More 

  • Corona

    Let's face it -- most modern Americans will think of the beer. Read More 

  • Gramercy

    A pretty private park in Manhattan, doesn't quite make it as a baby name.Read More 

  • Harlem

    With Brooklyn, Trenton, and Camden on the rise, Harlem can't be far behind -- it's already been picked by one celebrity, and it certainly has a stronger historical and cultural identity. Read More 

  • Hollis

    Hollis is a surname-name used quietly for both genders. In 2015, it was given to 176 boys and 106 girls in the US. It has notable connections for both genders: Hollis Thompson is a professional... Read More 

  • Hudson

    Hudson has risen quickly up the charts after emerging at the bottom of the list in 1995, now solidly in the Top 100.

    , Hudson has gotten a boost as a prominent surname over the years,... Read More 

  • Jamaica

    Among the least gimmicky, most appealing and colorful of all the names found in the atlas, Jamaica almost sings out the exotic rhythms of the West Indies.

    Part of the Greater Antilles... Read More 

  • Kensington

    A posh area of London, as well as being a section of Brooklyn, Kensington would make an overly formal, butlerish boy's name. There are several preferable paths to the nickname Ken, including... Read More 

  • Kew

    Kew is an offbeat name of a saint from Cornwall with boyish appeal. Read More 

  • Morrisania

    New Yorkers will recognize this as a Bronx place name, others will see it as a gussied-up female version of Morris.Read More 

  • Nolita

    A saucy Latin name that also defines a trendy New York area north of Little Italy. Read More 

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