Names That Mean Friend or Friendly

All these baby names have meanings that relate to friends or friendship—something we're sure you wish for your child. Names that mean friend represent a range of cultures and styles. Friendliness is a positive quality to invest in your baby's name. Names for a friendly baby include those like Arden, Jeb, and Sameria. Browse these names that mean friend or friendly.

  • Alden

    The name Alden is a unisex name of English origin meaning "old, wise friend". Hot young actor Alden Ehrenreich, the new Han Solo, gives this formerly-stodgy surname name an attractive new image,... Read More 

  • Alvin

    The name Alvin is a boy's name of English origin meaning "noble friend, friend of the elves". Alvin has a sturdy, no-frills sound that belies its somewhat whimsical meaning. Interesting potential... Read More 

  • Alvina

    The name Alvina is a girl's name of English origin meaning "elf-friend". This variation of the more well known Alvin adds an unusual and feminine touch to the original. It sounds a bit more like... Read More 

  • Ames

    The name Ames is a boy's name meaning "friend". One of those place and surname names that hasn't be used much as a first name yet -- but could soon. You could think of it as a fun, one-syllable... Read More 

  • Amica

    The name Amica is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "female friend". Amica is a word meaning girlfriend that is not often used as a name in Italy, but it would sound pretty and name-like... Read More 

  • Amit

    The name Amit is a boy's name of Hebrew, Sanskrit, Hebrew/Israeli origin meaning "friend; infinite". Simple yet exotic, popular and carrying two positive meanings in two diverse cultures. A... Read More 

  • Amity

    The name Amity is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "friendship". Amity--what nicer gift to give your little girl than a name that signifies friendship and harmony? This virtue name is also... Read More 

  • Amy

    The name Amy is a girl's name of French, Latin origin meaning "beloved". Amy is the English variation of the Old French name Amée—Aimée in modern French. Amée was a translation of the Latin name... Read More 

  • Anissa

    The name Anissa is a girl's name of Arabic origin meaning "friendly". A pretty and delicate cousin of Anna is often heard in Scotland and is also currently popular in France. In the US it was... Read More 

  • Arden

    The name Arden is a unisex name of English origin meaning "valley of the eagle". Arden, the name of the magical forest in Shakespeare's As You Like It, is a stylish A name with a strong,... Read More 

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