Zodiac Names: Astrology reveals how you name your baby

Zodiac Names: Astrology reveals how you name your baby

Your zodiac sign can help you find the perfect baby name (really).

Our newest feature, Zodiac Names, offers an innovative perspective on astrology and naming. Rather than focusing on the child’s zodiac sign, Zodiac Names centers the parent’s astrology.

“It’s not the baby’s astrological sign that’s important but the parents’,” says Nameberry creator Pamela Redmond. “Your sign influences how to approach the name search, what kinds of names you’re drawn to, and how you negotiate names with your partner.”

Zodiac Names takes a deep dive into all twelve astrological signs, analyzing their individual name styles and approaches to the baby name process. Virgo, you take an analytical approach, only adding names to your list that check all of the boxes. Pisces, you name by intuition, going after romantic and bohemian names that make your heart sing.

Zodiac Names also offers advice for navigating the name search with your partner based on your combination of signs. (Taurus and Capricorn, you're good. But Cancer and Sagittarius? Buckle up).

To get started finding your own astrological naming style, head to the main Zodiac Names page.

And to kick off the start of birthday season for Leos, here’s a preview of Leo Namers:

The Leo Namer

Leo, you’re the baby name boss. You set the rules of engagement and are on the hunt for a spectacular name. The name in question should be beloved by all, yet distinctive. A name that says, “I have cool parents.”

You love to talk about baby names and look forward to one day sharing your child’s name story with them. But until then, you’ll share it with everyone else. The moment when you reveal the baby name to a chorus of oohs and ahhs is when you know you made the right decision.

Leo Name Style

The names on your list are warm and energetic. These names appeal to everyone, but typically require confidence to pull off, like Florence or Jericho. The more popular names you like, such as Clementine and Wilder, are bold and special.

Of course, your favorite names are fashion-forward. After all, a name makes an entrance before you do! And always one for the drama, you abide by the “more is more” mentality. Two middle names or a plethora of nickname possibilities? You’re here for it, Leo.

For more information on Leo Namers, other signs, and sign pairings, head to Zodiac Names.

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