Winter Olympic Baby Names: Part 2–The Boys

Winter Olympic Baby Names: Part 2–The Boys

By Tara Ryazansky

The men hoping to compete for the US Olympic Team have names that are just as winning as the women.’s  I put together a list of some boy names that might win over new parents in 2014.

Leif As in Biathlon team member, Leif Nordgren.  This name has a strong Scandinavian vibe, but feels usable here in the US because of its well known connections to Leif Erikson and Leif Garrett.  I think it’s a great choice, but I must admit, I am guilty of the mispronunciation “Leaf“.  Its authentic pronunciation is more like “Layf”.

Stokes- Stokes Aitken of the US bobsled skeleton federation has a compelling name.  This very unusual choice could be inspired by any of the counties and towns across America called Stokes.  It is a fairly common English surname with variants that date back to the Middle Ages.

Lowell Like Lowell Bailey, the Biathlon team member.  To me, this name can skew as laid back and casual, but it’s also sophisticated and upper-class.  Lowell’s namesakes include a few poets and characters on the TV show Sons Of Anarchy.  Is Lowell a biker or an aristocrat?

Abraham– Abraham Morlu, the US bobsledder, goes by Abe.  With nickname options like Abe or Bram, I think that Abraham could be a great choice for a 2014 baby.  It has a rich history in the Old Testament and in the White House, but manages to feel fresh and new.

Tucker As in Tucker Fredricks, the long-track speed skater.  This name manages to have a classic, preppy feel plus a bright and spunky vibe.  It feels somewhat unexpected when compared to the surname and occupation names that have been trending for several years now.

Sage– This nature inspired name feels wise, but young and fresh all at once.  US Snowboarder, Sage Kotsenburg, would make a perfect namesake.  This one has a hippie vibe, but is definitely hip enough for 2014.

Emery– Emery Lehman, the speed skater, has a great unisex name.  It’s more popular for girls whose parents are likely see it as a more modern Emily variant, but I think it feels fresher on a boy.  It could be an option for fans of Emmet.

Bode– US Ski Team member Bode Miller‘s name feels like a great choice for a 2014 baby.  If you like Bodhi or Bowie, but want something with more of a laid-back, casual vibe, Bode might be it.

Simon As in figure skater Simon Shnapir.  This biblical name is classic, but doesn’t feel over-exposed.  I think it’s a solid choice that feels handsome and has a bookish quality.

Joss– This name could be a great update for lovers of JoshJoss Christensen of the US Ski Team shares the name with Joss (born Joseph) Whedon, making the name a great choice for those of us who are Buffy fans.

Quinn– As in skater Quinn Carpenter.  This unisex name might be moving toward the pink team, but I think that its streamlined quality and lack of frills make it a great choice for a boy.

Wiley–  f William feels too formal and Wyatt is on your list, you might like Wiley.   Wiley Maple of the US Ski Team is a better namesake than a certain cartoon coyote.

Brooks–  Like Brooks Orpik, US hockey defensemen.  This name feels preppy via its connection to Brooks Brothers, and country for its tie to Brooks & Dunn, and Garth.  I guess that makes it a versatile pick for parents who hope for a son with Ivy League potential and rugged charm.

Nevin–  Nevin Brown of the US Ski Team has a name that could be a great 2014 update for names like Kevin, Evan or Devon.  This one could even get you to vintage nickname Ned.

Benji–  As in Benji Farrow, US Snowboarder.  I love this one as a nickname for Benjamin, but it certainly has stand-alone potential.  It feels cool and casual to me.  A great choice for a boy born in 2014.

What do you think?  Pick your own gold, silver & bronze winners and share your ranking in the comments below.  Feel free to add a list of favorites from another country’s team.

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