Unusual Names: Would you pick an obscure name?

Question of the Week:

Would you use an unusual name that, though legitimate, is one that most people wouldn’t have heard before?

For example, Matt Lauer and his Dutch-born wife named their second son Thijs, a name rarely heard outside The Netherlands, with a bewildering-to-most pronunciation (it’s TICE).  Would you use a name of another ethnicity that’s unfamiliar here?

Would you dig back into ancient history for a name that hasn’t been used in centuries, like Gretchen Mol’s Ptolemy (shown) or Cate Blanchett’s Ignatius?

Would you shy away from a name that required a lot of explanation or embrace its individuality?

Which obscure names would you consider and which would you consider too esoteric?

Have you chosen a name that most people haven’t heard before?  Are you happy with your choice?

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