"aggressive, warlike"

Ptolemy Origin and Meaning

The name Ptolemy is boy's name of Greek origin meaning "aggressive, warlike".
Pronounced "TAHL-a-mee," this was the name of one of Alexander the Great's generals and several Greco-Egyptian rulers, as well as the name of a famous Greek astronomer. Actress Gretchen Mol brought it into modern times when she chose it for her baby.

Ptolemy Popularity

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Famous People Named Ptolemy

  • Saint Ptolemya Roman martyred with St. Lucius
  • Saint PtolemyMartyred Bishop
  • Ptolemy IXIV, Pharaohs of Egypt
  • Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar aka Caesarionlast pharaoh of Egypt; son of Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Julius Caesar
  • Ptolemy PhiladelphosKing of Syria; son of Cleopatra and Triumvir Marc Antony
  • (Claudius) PtolemyGreco,Roman scholar
  • PtolemyKing of Mauretania
  • Ptolemy TompkinsAmerican writer
  • Ptolemy DeanEnglish architect and TV presenter
  • Ptolemy John Williams (b. 2007)son of Gretchen Mol & Kip Williams

Ptolemy in Pop Culture

  • Alderman Ptolemy Tortoisefrom The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher by Beatrix Potter
  • Ptolemywizard, Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone