Unusual Boys’ Names Ready To Pop

Last week we brought you our selection of rare girls’ names destined for stardom; now we bring you our pick of unusual boys’ names ready to climb the popularity ladder.These are names given to fewer than 100 boys last year in the U.S.   But in Nameberry’s analytics, we see them drawing twice as much attention as other names.What that means: No matter how unusual these names are by the numbers, they’re attracting considerable buzz. And that’s bound to translate over the coming years into usage for a lot more babies.

As with the girls’ names, these names share much beyond their potential popularity.  Most are ancient names, slumbering for centuries.  While they hail from a range of cultures, a quorum are rooted in Ancient Rome or mythology.  And as has been the trend with boys’ names, how they end — in n, r, us, or o — seems to be more important to their fashion status than their first initial.

Here, 9 unusual boys’ names we see ready to pop.



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Ancient Roman emperor name Tiberius was also the name of two figures in the Harry Potter universe, enough to draw attention to a name never in the Top 1000 and given to only 17 American boys last year. But like brethren Atticus and Titus, we see interest in Tiberius rising and predict we’ll all be hearing it outside of history books.

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