Tree Names: Cool Arbor Day options from Acacia to Willow

Since roughly 1872, when the first Arbor Day was proclaimed, kindergarteners have been cutting out construction paper silhouettes of oak and pine trees and perhaps getting to plant a tiny sapling in the schoolyard. Nameberry hereby joins in today’s celebration by planting the seeds of the tree names worthy of bestowing on our children –ranging from the sturdy Cedar to the delicate Aspen.


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Apart from its arboreal appeal, Ash has a certain seductive Southern charm, à la Ashley Wilkes, while in the modern world, your little boy might prize Ash as the name of a hero of the Pokemon cartoons and a few video games. And you can always elongate it to Asher or Ashton to get to Ash as a nickname—but, at this point, do leave Ashley to the girls.

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