Top Baby Names 2020 Revealed!

Top Baby Names 2020 Revealed!

We're ringing in a new decade in baby names with established favorites — Olivia and Liam take the top spots again!

The biggest rise in the girls' Top 10 was Charlotte, which moved up two positions from 2019, now ranking at Number 4. On the boys' side, Henry jumped three positions to break into the Top 10 for the first time since 1910. Other names that rose in the ranks include Amelia and Evelyn, Elijah and Alexander.

Isabella dropped two spots for girls, now ranking at Number 7, and Sophia and Harper each dropped one position. There are no new girl names to the Top 10.

Mason and Ethan dropped out of the boys' Top 10, replaced by Henry and Alexander, and William dropped a single spot.

Here are the new 2020 Top 10 baby names with their positions relative to last year:

Baby Girl Names 2020

1. Olivia =

2. Emma =

3. Ava =

4. Charlotte +2

5. Sophia -1

6. Amelia +1

7. Isabella -2

8. Mia =

9. Evelyn +1

10. Harper -1

Baby Boy Names 2020

1. Liam =

2. Noah =

3. Oliver =

4. Elijah +1

5. William -1

6. James =

7. Benjamin =

8. Lucas =

9. Henry +3

10. Alexander +1

View the official Top baby names of 2020 here.

The fastest-rising baby name for girls in 2020 was Avayah, while Zyair rose the quickest for boys. Zyair is an alternate spelling of Zaire, the former name of the Democratic Republic of Congo and a rising baby name among African American parents.

Other fast-rising names include those related to Kobe Bryant, who tragically passed away in January of 2020. The third-fastest-rising names were Jakobe and Jianna — variations of Kobe and Gianna, Bryant's daughter who also passed away. Kobe itself rose over 300 spots in 2020, and Capri, the name of his youngest daughter, rose over 600. Bryant and Gianna were also among the top risers, as was Naya, after Naya Rivera, an actress who died in July of 2020.

Pop culture also inspired parents in 2020 — Star Wars names Kylo and Anakin rose significantly for boys and Mazikeen, from the DC Comics universe, broke into the Top 1000 for girls.

The two fastest-falling names of 2020 were Yaritza and Vivaan, which fell over 300 positions each.

Names associated with older generations, such as Marissa, Patricia, Jillian, and Karen for girls, and Kenny, Toby, Ronnie, and Randy for boys, all dropped significantly in popularity between 2019 and 2020.

Sekani, the fastest-rising boy name of 2019, inspired by the film The Hate U Give, left almost as fast as it came in, leaving the Top 1000 in 2020. Khaleesi, one of the notable Game of Thrones names, dropped 150 positions and now ranks at Number 733 for girls.

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