Tips for Finding Your Mommy Sisterhood

Tips for Finding Your Mommy Sisterhood

By Ashley McGee,

Being a new mom is hard. With the lack of sleep, body issues and lactation problems, it’s hard for your old friends to understand everything you’re dealing with in your new role as a mom. One of the best ways to make that transition easier is by connecting with other ladies going through the same joy (and pain) at the same time.

These mamas might just be in your life for a season or, like in Blake Lively’s case, they could be your sisterhood that travels through the rest of life alongside you. But finding your new mom tribe can sometimes be hard to do. Scroll on for five tips to help you break the ice and survive the awkwardness of making new mom friends.

1. Get out more. While it’s easy to stay holed up in your house with a newborn, DON’T! It’s a quick way to isolate yourself during those fragile postpartum days. Take a walk around the block, pack a lunch and head to the park, or just go stroll the aisles at Target. You’ll be amazed at how many people stop to look at and comment on your baby. Use it to your advantage.

2. Take a class. With more mommy-and-me classes out there than we can count, this may seem like a no-brainer. But, your baby won’t be the only one that benefits from these classes. Want your pre-baby bod back? Sign up for Stroller Strides or family yoga. Are you a bookworm? Head to story time at your local library. Whatever your interests or hobbies are, chances are there’s a similar mommy-and-me class. This way, you’re guaranteed to bond with other women over something other than the fact you both have babies.

3. Swipe right. The awkwardness of finding mom friends is just like jumping back into the dating pool… YIKES! Instead of trolling for new moms on Tinder, try an app just for moms. MomCo uses geolocating technology to help you connect with other nearby moms and find local kid-friendly community events. With Hello Mamas, you can filter using more than 150 criteria to narrow down the search and find moms that are most compatible to you.

4. Have a little faith. Looking to connect on a deeper level? MOPS may be for you. Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) is a network of more than 4,000 religion-based mom groups in the US and 35 countries worldwide. Moms of kids from newborn through kindergarten meet up at a local church once or twice a month. If making sure your mom group shares in your beliefs, MOPs may be the perfect crew for you.

5. Keep that connection going. So, you’ve had a few playdates and think you’ve found your new mommy BFFs. Now what? Take that newfound confidence and ask them out for a “kid-free” playdate. As new moms, you could all use a time out. Grab a cup of coffee or hit up your local wine bar. While you’re there, resist the urge to talk about your kid the entire time. Get to know each other as people, not just moms.Ashley McGee is a freelance writer and marketing professional. She is a self-proclaimed DIY-er, Target addict and college football fanatic. She currently resides in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry with her husband, daughter and six-year-old boxer, Texas Ranger.

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