The Numerology of Names: Another baby-naming tool

The Numerology of Names: Another baby-naming tool

By Madelyn

Translating your name into numbers can reveal more information than you might have thought possible.  The Expression Number does just that— it reveals your strengths and weaknesses and is just one aspect of mystical numerology that could be rather useful for expectant parents and name enthusiasts.

Using modern numerology based on the assertion by Pythagoras that all things can be expressed numerically, the Expression Number is obtained by adding your first, middle, and last name as written on your birth certificate.  Each Expression Number describes a personality type and can possibly give you reassurance that you have found the name, or might be useful in narrowing down your ever-growing name list.  Who doesn’t want to know if their child will be a leader, or the brains behind the operation?

Values of Each Letter

1– A, J, S

2– B, K, T

3– C, L, U

4– D, M, V

5– E, N, W

6– F, O, X

7– G, P, Y

8– H, Q, Z

9– I, R

Let’s do an example using A Song of Ice and Fire author, George R. R. Martin.  HBO’s Game of Thrones is widely talked about, and his double ‘R’ middle names are quite intriguing.  Remember to always reduce the values of each name to a single digit and to use every name that was recorded on the birth certificate.














If you ever encounter an 11 or 22 in your calculations like G.R.R.M.’s Expression Number, do not reduce it, for they have their own meanings separate from 2 and 4 and are often called “Master Numbers.”   They are no more special than any other number; however, in numerology’s spiritual philosophy, they are considered elevated.  There is a lot of power associated with these numbers, but, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility.

Now, what does each number mean?  What is the hidden information?  Below you will find general associations for each number.  For a better understanding of each personality type, I highly suggest reading these interpretations.\_reading\_numerology-02.htm

1– leader, independent, original, courageous, stubborn, controlling, self-centered, critical

2– mediator, diplomatic, cooperative, open-minded, intuitive, pushover, vulnerable

3– communicator, optimistic, inspiring, creative, unfocused, undisciplined

4– doer/worker, organized, dedicated, methodical, narrow-minded, workaholic, stubborn

5– free spirit, visionary, charming, adaptable, critical, haughty, unorganized, undisciplined

6– teacher/social worker, community-oriented, nurturing/loving, artistic, creative, argumentative, self-righteous

7– philosopher/genius, analytical, studious, rebellious, moody, non-communicative, fearful, reclusive

8– manager/executive, commanding, efficient, organized, domineering, oppressive, stubborn

9– humanitarian, polite, charming, idealistic, arrogant, egotistical, hot-tempered

11– counselor/prophet, intuitive, sensitive, empathetic, unrealistic, self-effacing, nervous

22– dreamer, spiritual, high-minded, powerful, nervous, high strung, dominating

To further explore the accuracy of the Expression Number, I like to calculate Expression Numbers for writers or physicists or actors.  Just for fun, here is a short list of famous people and their Expression Numbers.  And yes, I put Miley Cyrus in a list with Carl Sagan and Leonardo da Vinci.  Probably the only time you’ll ever see that!

Alicia Christian Foster (Jodie Foster)- 3

Carl Edward Sagan5

Destiny Hope Cyrus1

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson7

Jane Austen11

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci3

Vincent Willem van Gogh- 1

Miley can’t escape the fact that her birth name is Destiny.  Since every number is considered significant in numerology, your first name’s numeric value is important.  It is a part of you and the equation, after all.  Take a look at the top 10 names in the United States and a couple Nameberry favorites with their respective numeric values.

Sophia– 5; Jacob– 4

Emma– 5; Mason-8

Isabella-7; Ethan– 3

Olivia– 5; Noah-2

Ava– 6; William– 7

Emily– 1; Liam– 8

Abigail– 5; Jayden– 5

Mia– 5; Michael– 6

Madison– 3; Alexander– 3

Elizabeth– 7; Aiden– 6

Imogen– 9; Asher– 6

Isla– 5; Declan-3

Choosing Liam over William or Emma over Emily will make a difference in your child’s life.  Baby naming is serious business, so choose wisely.

Whether you believe in numerology’s mystical aspects or not, I do hope this is at least a fun, new way of looking at names.  Please share your own Expression Number in the comments.  It will be interesting to see what the most common number is in this diverse Nameberry community.

Currently based in the Bay Area, Madelyn is a California native with two stores on etsy called Eustace Eucalyptus and Bertram Bergamot.  You can follower her on Instagram ( and twitter (”

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Linda Rosenkrantz

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