Top Baby Names of 2016 (so far)

April 7, 2016 Pamela Redmond
top baby names 2016

by Pamela Redmond Satran

The most popular baby names of 2016 (so far) have been tallied, and we have a new Number 1 name for girls: Olivia.

This is the first time Olivia has taken the top spot in Nameberry’s popularity polls, unseating Charlotte. Olivia ranks in second place in the official US and British name standings, and at Number 1 in Australia and New Zealand. Olivia is a Latin name meaning “olive tree”; her male counterpart Oliver is also popular.

Charlotte was the Number 1 girls’ name for all of 2015, buoyed by the naming of England‘s baby princess, and also ruled the Nameberry charts for several previous years. Emma is the Number 1 girls’ baby name in the US for 2014, the most recent year counted by the Social Security administration.

The most popular boys’ name so far in 2016 is the Biblical Ezra, which also ruled Nameberry’s 2015 list. In fact, the first seven names on the boys’ Top 10 are identical to the full year 2015 results. There are only two new entrants to the boys’ Top 10, with Levi and Wyatt replacing Jude and Jasper.

In the girls’ Top 10 for 2016, there are three new A-starting names: Arabella, Aurora, and Adeline, taking over from Cora, Lucy, and Evelyn.

Our name rankings are based on the most-visited of the nearly 20 million views of our individual name pages in the first three months of this year.

The full Top 10 baby names so far in 2016, with their standings compared with 2015,  are:

1.  Olivia, +3

2.  Amelia, =

3.  Charlotte, -2

4.  Ava, -1

5.  Isla, +2

6.  Arabella, +13

7.  Aurora, +4

8.  Adeline, +5

9.  Penelope, =

10. Eleanor, =

1.  Ezra, =

2.  Asher, =

3.  Atticus, =

4.  Declan, =

5.  Oliver, =

6.  Silas, =

7.  Milo, =

8.  Levi, +4

9.  Henry, =

10.Wyatt, +5

The Top 10 furthest-rising names for each gender, with number of places they’ve risen over their standings in 2015, are:

Astrid, +55

Sadie, +49

Elise, +47

Isabella, +33

Julia, +27

Thea, +26

Eloise, +24

Maya, +20

Aria, +18

Audrey, +16

John, +44

Aryan, +43

Tobias, +43

Elijah, +39

Daniel, +38

Maxwell, +35

Xavier, +34

Julian, +30

Gabriel, +26

Samuel, +26

Baby names new to the Top 100 for 2016 are:

Research assistance by Esmeralda Rocha. 

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