The Most Notable Names of 2013

December 13, 2013 Linda Rosenkrantz

The most notable names of 2013—a few of which were awaited with great anticipation– are borne by prominent personages in the realms of religion, royalty, politics, the tech world, and of course, entertainment. Here are our picks for the twelve names most emblematic of 2013—along with a few others that slipstreamed in their wake.


In the months leading up to the royal birth, British betting parlors were beehives of activity, as odds changed daily on what the baby’s name would be. Would he have two or three middle names? Could Diana be used for a girl without stepping on some other royal toes? When George (the favorite throughout) Alexander Louis was announced, it didn’t take the baby naming world by storm—but some of the other proposed possibilities—Albert, Arthur, Frederick—did attract new attention.


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