Summer Babyberry Names Are Hot!

July 9, 2020 Emma Waterhouse
nameberry birth announcements

This month’s Nameberry birth announcements feature a double bill of beautiful Babyberry names! Here (at last), the brilliant baby names announced by our members in May and June.

As ever, the Berries excel at choosing under-the-radar gems which feel stylish and familiar, despite their rarity. From Juno to Posy and from Emrys to Omri, here’s the proof that cool, quirky names outside the US Top 1000 don’t have to be complicated.

But there’s plenty for lovers of more elaborate names to admire, too – especially on the boys’ side. Welcome, Caspian, Gideon and Ignatius! And on the girls’ side, we were thrilled to see both Arabella and the lovely Araminta used.

Our members welcomed two sets of beautifully named twins in the past two months: boys August and Sullivan, and girls Maeve and Phoebe.

Congratulations and best of luck to all of the proud new parents!

Girl Names

Arabella Maeve

“We’ve loved the name Arabella for many years and its meaning of ‘yielding to prayer’ is extra special to us as she is our rainbow baby after many losses. We chose Maeve for her middle name as we wanted an Irish name to connect her to her heritage. It is also a twist on a family name, May.”


“In the madness that’s going on in the world we had our peace.”

Delilah IrisLila”, sister to Marcus RiverMars” and Julius FinleyJules

Delilah means ‘delicate’, which matches Lila’s premature arrival, and Iris was a goddess in Greek mythology, which ties into her brothers’ names, and also symbolizes the power she has for being a little fighter in a tough time.”

Iris Araminta Rose, sister to Alistair Vaughn

Iris was the only name DH and I both loved and has personal meaning for us. Araminta has been my favorite name for years. Araminta and Alistair both mean defender. Love the subtle connection between their names. Rose is family name, a sixth generation tradition to name the first born girl Rose.”

Juno Astrid

“I’ve always wanted something unusual, as soon as a name gets more popular it goes off the list for me. My top names I’ve kept over the years were mostly mythology names, I especially love those ending in O… Astrid was our first pet together, a beautiful bearded dragon. OH still really misses her often and so I hedged my bets and suggested Astrid as a middle name. His face lit up and it was the best feeling in the world!”

Maeve Lucilla Skye, twin of Phoebe Florence Cove

“We loved Maeve and Phoebe because they aren’t too common, but they’re still established and familiar names with long history.”

Phoebe Florence Cove, twin of Maeve Lucilla Skye

Florence and Lucilla are for the singers Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and Birdy (real name Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer), who both have personal significance for us. Skye and Cove ended up in there because of my love of nature names and I felt they tied up both combos nicely.”

Posy Beatrix, sister to Otis and Iona

Posy had been on my long list after always loving in it Noel Streatfield’s book Ballet Shoes and when narrowing down name choices my husband loved it too. Beatrix, meaning wanderer or traveller, was a last minute choice after she was born and we thought it was perfect as a beautiful yet strong name to balance out her slightly whimsical first name.”

Ruby Simone, sister to Rosie Eloise

“We love that a Ruby is one of the strongest natural gems – only a diamond is stronger! That level of strength seemed perfect for a baby born during a pandemic. It’s also a subtle nod to honest and nurturing Hogwarts gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid. Her middle, Simone, gives her the same amount of letters as her sister, and it means ‘heard’, which makes us feel like she’ll have a lot to say!”

Tessa May, sister to Lyla Felix

Boy Names

August Ellison “Auggie”, twin of Sullivan Thomas and brother to Everly James

August is named after the women in his life. I loved the name August but also, my mom was born in August. Ellison is after my MIL, Allison, and my middle name, Alyse.”

Caspian Arthur, brother to Noah Henry

Caspian is a literary figure, from the Narnia stories, my favourite childhood books. Arthur is a mythical British king, and also the name of my grandad… People in real life seem a little taken aback by the name Caspian at first, but they will get used to it!”

Emrys Rowan, brother to Maebry Willow and Winslet Juniper

“We really struggled with his name but we took the names Ferris and Emrys with us to the hospital to see which fit him better, and after getting to know him there really wasn’t any question. He’s Emrys Rowan and we can’t imagine a better name for him!”

Gideon James, brother to Jabez Thomas and Esther Blessing

Ignatius Wallace Juhl, brother to Augusten Emery Axel

“We struggled more on his name than on his brother’s. It was a challenge to find a name that we love as much. We have the Name Sage to thank for encouraging us to go with Ignatius, which was our front runner from early on. We were hesitant to use it at first, but we are so glad that we did. His two middle names are family surnames, one from each side of the family.”

Jack Sawyer, brother to Maria Grace and Vera Pearl

“Too perfect for this earth he was born into the arms of Jesus. He was 10lbs. 11oz and 22 inches long, so big and strong. It was a very sudden and unexpected loss, our hearts are crushed we love him so much, our only son. He was named after my grandfather and I’ve had his name picked out for about 14 years which makes it harder because before even meeting my husband, there was Jack Sawyer and he should be here with us.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with @amandaberry and family, and thank you for sharing Jack’s beautiful name with us.

Omri Max, brother to Fletcher, Morgan, Judah and Tulsi

“We had Omri in the middle of our boy name list for years, and fell in love with Bodhi, Stellan, Koa, Canyon, and Roman for most of my pregnancy. Towards the end, Omri caught our eye again and both of us just knew it was supposed to be his name.”

Sullivan ThomasSully”, twin of August Ellison and brother to Everly James

Sullivan was my husband’s choice and a great suggestion. Thomas is the middle named shared by my dad and my brother who passed away from cancer as a teenager.”

Our warmest congratulations all round!

If you’d like to submit your own Babyberry announcement (it’s never too late!), you can do so in our Birth Announcements forum.

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