Stylish Names: What’s Their Secret?

Stylish Names: What’s Their Secret?

Some stylish names share a first initial: Vowel names are particularly popular right now, for instance. Other times, it’s a rhythm or ending sound: Boys’ names with two syllables that end in N or R are big these days.

Still other fashionable names share an ethnic origin such as Irish or a gender identity like unisex or girly-girl.

But the names here, among the most popular AND the most stylish names of our day, have something much more illusive in common. You might even find yourself adding many of them to your shortlist without putting your finger on their mutual appeal.

The secret: An L in the middle.

That might seem like a little thing, but we posit that the L sound, particularly fashionable now too as a first initial, rings all kinds of positive bells in our subconscious, relating to such uplifting qualities as lovely and lilting and, well, even uplifting.

It’s no accident that the following L-in-the-middle names are stylish these days, particularly for girls. Some examples:

AlexaAlice (plus Alyssa and sisters)AmeliaBrooklyn (plus most names that end in lyn)CamillaCelia (and Cecilia, Cecily etc)

CharlotteChloeDelilahElena (and variations, such as Eliana)ElizaElizabethEllaElodieElulaEmilyEulalieGabriellaHadley (and most names that end in ley)Isabella (and all Bella names)IslaJocelynJuliet (and Julia, Juliana etc)LaylaLilaLillianLilyLolaMadelineMakayla (and all Michaela and Kayla variations)MilaMillieNatalieNolaNellieOlivia (and Olive)PenelopePollyScarlettStellaTallulahTillyWilla

There are some examples for boys too:

AlexanderCullen (also propelled by the Twilight influence)Elijah (and all the Eli names)JulianMiloNolanOliverSilasTylerWilliam

Along with a handful of unisex examples:


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