Spanish Baby Names: New Trends

October 2, 2009 Pamela Redmond

In southern Spain recently, researching Spanish baby names, I came up against the fact that Spain is a widely varied country with different languages and cultures — and different names depending on ethnicity and region.

Rather than simply Spanish baby names, there are Catalonian baby names and Basque names, names more popular in Galicia and those favored in Navarre. And of course names popular in Spain may be different from those used most widely in other Spanish-speaking countries, such as Mexico or Brazil.

Spanish baby names that are stylish today and may be ready for import to the U.S. include:

Spanish Names for Girls

* Aitana
* Alba
* Amada
* Aniceta

* Arcelia
* Aroa
* Blanca
* Calida
* Candela
* Clementina
* Estela
* Estrella
* Eulalia
* Felicidad
* Ines
* Irati
* Jimena
* Laia
* Lorena
* Lucia
* Marisol
* Marta
* Natalia
* Nerea
* Noa
* Nuria
* Pilar
* Raquel
* Soledad
* Trinidad
* Yara
* Ysabel

Spanish Names for Boys

* Alejandro
* Alvaro
* Arnau
* Asier
* Bardo
* Brendano
* Cayo
* Galo
* Hugo
* Iker
* Izan
* Javier
* Navarro
* Octavio
* Pablo
* Palomo
* Pol
* Tadeo
* Vivaldo

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