Rocky, Stony Baby Names: Jasper, Piers and Cole

Rocky, Stony Baby Names: Jasper, Piers and Cole

By Kara, The Art of Naming

When it comes to earthy boy names, some of the coolest ones are related to rock and stone. There are some names that mean rock such as the Scottish surname Carrick from the Gaelic Carraig.

The name Peter means “stone” and so do all of its variants and translations such as the French Pierre, the Spanish Pedro, and others such as Piers, Pierce, Pierson, Piet and Pietro.

Then there are names that mean earth or another element of the dirt, stone, or ground. If it’s a down-to-earth name you want, the list below features names with rocky and earthy meanings:


“rock”“clay settlement”“charcoal”“crag, rock”“dark stone”“stone of help”“Thor‘s rock”“rock”“rock, stone”“rock guardian”“rock hill”“piles of stones”“beloved stone”“mallow stone”“stoneworker”“place of stones”“stone ford”“stone clearing”“land, earth”“Thor‘s stone”“joy stone”“battle stone”

If those don’t rock your boat, perhaps you’d prefer names that come from actual stones, minerals or rocky landscapes:



Did I miss any good ones? What is your favorite rocky name for a boy?

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