Question of the Week: What if your profession inspired your baby’s name?

We were admiring the name Calliope the other day (yes, after all these years, we still love names enough to sit around and think about how much we like them) and we started thinking: What a good name for a musician to choose for her child.

Whether or not you’d name a baby after your profession in real life, it’s a fun thing to consider.

So many great occupational names are in play now, from Archer to Gardener to Sailor.

And then there are names like Calliope that connect to something related to your profession.  A landscape architect might name a daughter Flora, for instance, or a writer might choose the name Penn.

Or, more subtly, a name’s meaning might relate to your profession: Lucas for a lighting designer, for example, or Philip for a horse trainer.

There are also the names of heroes in your field.  I might think of naming a child after a writer I admire, for instance, like Edith Wharton, or for a character I love, like Jane Eyre.  A  scientist might want to honor someone like Charles Darwin.

Or your profession might not so readily suggest name ideas.  You might need to be more creative with your choices, or look to one of your hobbies or passions to inspire name ideas.  A sports enthusiast might like the names Hank (Aaron) or (Tom) Landry, while a history buff might choose Lincoln.

So our question of the week is: If your profession (or passion) inspired your baby’s name, what would it be?  And would you, or did you, consider using it in real life?  Fantasies welcome!


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