Professional Names: Names that really work

July 19, 2012 hjteni

A few months ago, we asked you wonderful berries how you would choose to reflect your professional backgrounds in the names you give your children.  Your answers were so fresh and inspiring, we decided to transform them into a slideshow.  Including a range of occupation from architects to urban planners, dentists to artists, here are your most creative ideas plus a few of our own —from Miro to Gable, Tesla to Deemer and beyond — by Hannah Tenison


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Who hasn't seen an amazing structure and admired the talent that went into its construction? Architecture is a form of art, but beyond the beautful buildings, an untapped niche of architecturally inspired baby names is ready to be excavated. Beyond Frank or Lloyd or Wright, the names of features of buildings themselves make for fantastic names--- try Gable, Temple, Story, or Pier. All these names are so unusual that they would work for either gender.


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