Presidents Day Names: The Veeps’ Turn

Presidents Day Names: The Veeps’ Turn

When Presidents Day rolls around, on our site and others, a lot of attention is paid to the influential names of our past presidents—Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Tyler, Taylor, Truman, Lincoln, Kennedy et al—and sometimes the names of their wives and children as well.  And so I thought that this year it might be interesting to take a look at their often forgotten Vice-Presidents, to see what noteworthy names we might find among them.

Of course several of them did step up to the presidency themselves.

Here are the best-named ones, along with the presidents they served under.

  • Aaron BurrThomas Jefferson

  • Adlai E. StevensonGrover Cleveland

  • Alben BarkleyHarry S. Truman

  • Calhoun, JohnJohn Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson

  • Calvin CoolidgeWarren G. Harding

  • Cheney, DickGeorge W. Bush

  • Chester A. ArthurJames A. Garfield

  • Clinton, GeorgeThomas Jefferson

  • Curtis, CharlesHerbert Hoover

  • Dallas, GeorgeJames K. Polk

  • Elbridge GerryJames Madison

  • Ford, GeraldRichard Nixon

  • Garner, John NanceFranklin D. Roosevelt

  • Garret HobartWilliam ([McKinley](

  • [Gore](, [Al](—[Bill]( [Clinton](

  • [Hannibal]( [Hamlin](—[Abraham]( [Lincoln](

  • [Humphrey](, [Hubert](—[Lyndon]( [Johnson](

  • [Jefferson](, [Thomas](—[John]( [Adams](

  • [King](, [William](—[Franklin]( [Pierce](

  • [Levi]( P. [Morton](—[Benjamin]( [Harrison](

  • [Marshall](, [Thomas](—[Woodrow]( [Wilson](

  • [Millard]( [Fillmore](—[Zachary]( [Taylor](

  • [Nelson]( Rockefeller—[Gerald]( [Ford](

  • Quayle, James Danforth ([Dan](—[George]( [Bush](

  • [Schuyler]( Colfax —[Ulysses]( S. [Grant](

  • [Spiro]( Agnew—[Richard]( [Nixon]( (not the best namesake as Agnew resigned in ignominy)

  • [Theodore]( [Roosevelt](—[William]( [McKinley]([McKinley](

  • [Truman](, [Harry](—[Franklin]( D. [Roosevelt](

  • [Wallace](, [Henry](—[Franklin]( D. [Roosevelt](

  • [Walter]( Mondale—[Jimmy]( [Carter](

  • [Wheeler](, [William](—[Rutherford]( B. [Hayes](

  • [Wilson](, [Henry](—[Ulysses]( S.  [Grant](

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    Linda Rosenkrantz

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