Pixar Baby Names: Some animated choices

Pixar Baby Names: Some animated choices

We’ve seen Disney names fly from the screen onto birth announcements—just think of Ariel after The Little Mermaid.  But what about those in the Pixar pix, both pre- and post- their merger with Disney?  Remy, for one,  seems to be catching on despite being a rat. Here are some other Pixar name possibilities–though with not a princess among them:


ATTA  —  A Bug’s Life

CELIA —  Monsters, Inc

COLETTE  —  Ratatouille

CORAL  —  Finding Nemo

DOLLY  —  Toy Story

DORY  —  Finding Nemo

DOT  —  A Bug’s Life

EDNA —  The Incredibles


EVE  —  Wall-E

FLO  —  Cars, Finding Nemo

GYPSY  —  A Bug’s Life

LIZZIE  —  Cars

MIRAGE  —  The Incredibles

PEARL—  Finding Nemo

ROSIE  —  A Bug’s Life

ROZ  —  Monsters, Inc

SALLY  —  Cars

VIOLET  —  The Incredibles


DASHIELL  —  The Incredibles

DJANGO  —  Ratatouille

EMILE  —  Ratatouille

FRANCIS —  A Bug’s Life

GUSTEAU  —  Ratatouille

LALO  —  Ratatouille

LUCIUS  —  The Incredibles

LUIGI  —  Cars

MARLIN  —  Finding Nemo

NEMO  —  Finding Nemo

NIGEL  —  Finding Nemo

RAMONE  —  Cars

RANDALL —  Monsters, Inc

REMY  —  Ratatouille

REX  —  Monsters, Inc, Toy Story


SULLEY —  Monsters, Inc (James P. Sullivan)

WOODY  —  Toy Story

And speaking of Pixar, have you ever stayed through to the end of the credits to see the list of Production Babies names—children born to people involved with that film during production (a practice now picked up in Disney animated movies)?  There have been some wildly creative choices, including:











The new Toy Story 3 has, I believe, something like 67 production babies cited–but for those, you’re on your own, at least till the DVD comes out.

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