Should Your Baby’s Name Be A Number?

September 8, 2016 Abby Sandel

Looking for truly original inspiration for your child’s name? Forget the alphabet – start counting on numbers!

Traditionally, numeric baby names might indicate your birth order – think of brothers Primo and Secondo from 1990s movie Big Night. They also developed as nicknames for boys bearing family names, like Star Trek: Enterprise’s Trip Tucker – born Charles Tucker III.

But numeric baby names work for many reasons. They might commemorate a significant date, like your anniversary; symbolize good fortune or have spiritual meaning; or even remember a favorite athlete’s jersey number.

Here are some of the best number names, from the familiar to the unexpected. By Abby Sandel


Una comes from the Latin word meaning one. It also sounds like the Irish Oona, and fits right in with stylish mini names like Ava. Other names inspired by the number one include Hana, from the Korean word for the number, and Primrose, which means first rose. Naming a son? Primo is an Italian name meaning first, though it can also indicate excellence.


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