Top Baby Names Starting with Z

Baby names starting with Z are spirited, bold, and increasing in popularity. Modern parents love a name that makes their child stand out, and a striking first initial will often do the trick. The top Z name for girls is Zoey, having overtaken the original form, Zoe, which takes second place. The most popular name with the Z initial for boys is Zachary, although it has begun to fade from its height of fashion at the end of the last millennium.

Along with Zoey and Zoe, other girl names beginning with Z in the US Top 700 include Zara, Zuri, Zariah, Zaylee, and Zelda. In addition to Zachary, other boy names starting with Z in the US Top 700 include Zion, Zayden, Zane, Zander, and Zaid.

Z names have an undeniably quirky quality that is hard to resist. Choices like Zadie, Zebedee, Zephyr, and Ziggy are unique but usable. Rare names beginning with Z that have a traditional element include Zinnia, Zaccai, Zalman, and Zella.

Here, our all-inclusive list of baby names starting with Z. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 baby names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

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  • Zoey

    Zoey is a modern spelling variation of Zoe, the Greek Jewish translation of Eve. Despite its Jewish origins, Zoe was historically more popular among Christians. Two early saints were named... Read More 

  • Zoe

    The history of Zoe begins in the third century when the Alexandrian Jews translated Eve, which means 'life,' to the Greek equivalent Zoe. Zoe was in use as far back as the Roman classical period,... Read More 

  • Zachary

    Zachary is the English variation of Zacharias, which itself is derived from the Hebrew name Zechariah. The name Zachary is attached to eight different people in the Bible, the most prominent being... Read More 

  • Zion

    Zion has taken off in recent years, especially after singer Lauryn Hill used it for her son in 1997 and incorporated the name into a hit song. It combines a user-friendly Ryan-Brian sound with the... Read More 

  • Zayden

    The most popular spelling of the fast-climbing member of the Aiden-rhyming clan is used by parents who love the first initial Z. Zaiden is nearly as popular, and Zaden is a ways behind. Read More 

  • Zara

    Zara has multiple origins, but most notably is a variation of Zahrah, a name derived from the Arabic zahrah, meaning “blooming flower.” Zara can also be a diminutive of the Bulgarian name... Read More 

  • Zane

    Western novelist Zane (born Pearl!) Grey made this name famous. Now, it's in tune with the style of our times, retaining that appealing cowboy image.

    Zane Grey was the great-grandson... Read More 

  • Zander

    On the rise as an independent name: Zander and Xander are both widely used can increasingly be found as characters in movies and on TV. Read More 

  • Zuri

    Zuri migrated, at least to American sensibilities, to the feminine side when an Ohio zoo used it for a female giraffe. For either gender, Zuri is an attractive name with the usual Z-initial zest.... Read More 

  • Zayn

    Zayn zoomed up the popularity charts thanks to former One Direction member Zayn Malik; it was one of the fastest-rising names of 2016. The name can also be spelled Zain; the feminine version is... Read More