Notable names of October: Ian, Una and Arthur

September 29, 2014 Kmp17

By Kelly McDonald

Days of apple-picking and costume-creating approach as September gives way to cool, crisp October. Despite being the tenth month of the year in the modern day, October was, in fact, number eight when the Roman calendar was still used. Along with gorgeous gold and crimson leaves, October has an assortment of lovely names to offer. Interesting October baby names include vintage treasures like Theodore, classics like Arthur and Margaret, and a few surprises sure to intrigue any Berry.

Arthur—A vintage classic that’s just beginning to be restored, Arthur was the surname of Chester A. Arthur, one of several October-born presidents. Ranking at Number 323 in the United States but 49th on Nameberry, fashionable namers are starting to catch on that Arthur is a gem just waiting to be restored.

Camilla—A lovely name brimming with elegance, Camilla is a name that many famous ladies have worn well. In addition to a member of the British royal family, there is Camilla Belle, a young actress who was born in October of 1986, who gives some fresh, youthful verve to this classic choice.

Ian—Included in this list in tribute to Ian Thorpe, the Australian Olympic gold-medal swimmer, Ian is an appealing name that packs a lot into three letters. Easy to spell and pronounce, Ian is euphonic yet strong, familiar without being trendy. Definitely a good choice for parents who don’t want to risk their child being one of three Jack or Jacobs in a class.

Jonas—A playful name that could be a perfect alternative to James or Joseph.  Jonas Salk, who was born in October of 1914, invented the polio vaccine, so this would be the perfect choice for a future doctor or chemist! Jonas has also received some attention recently thanks to The Giver, a dystopian film in which Jonas is the hero’s name

Margaret—One of many famous Margarets, the indomitable Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, was born on October 13th, 1925. Apart from having a vast assortment of notable namesakes, Margaret is a versatile name with an endless number of cute diminutives. Current Nameberry favorites include May, Meg, Polly, and even Daisy.

October—A straightforward unisex month name that would perfectly suit your autumn-born child, though the more regal Octavia might be preferable for a little girl. Writer Dave Eggers named his daughter October Adelaide.

Serena—The name of champion tennis pro Serena Williams, another October baby, would be a lovely choice for any baby girl. Not only does Serena have a calm, serene meaning, but also retains a slightly posh image via its visibility on the popular CW show Gossip Girl.

Theodore—This name’s most famous bearer is still the gun-slinging president who is famous for, among other weightier accomplishments, showing clemency to a baby bear on a hunting trip. Theodore is an excellent name that will suit a variety of tastes, and what little boy wouldnt look up to a hardy conservationist hero like Teddy Roosevelt? Theodore is a growing favorite on Nameberry, now ranking at a high Number 21 on the site.

Una—An unusual but intriguing name borne by the Irish singer-singwriter with the full name of Una Theresa Imogene Healy. Una—which can also be spelled Oona— is a recommended pick for parents who want their daughter to stand out—but not too far out.

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