These Unique Names Are Getting More Popular

December 9, 2019 Pamela Redmond
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How can a name be popular and unique at the same time?

It can sit at the top of second tier of 1000 most popular names, lying just out of sight beneath the much-publicized Top 1000, ranking Number 1001 to 2000 and used for an average of 100 to 200 babies a year.

Nameberry takes a first look at these Top Unique Names, which occupy a sweet spot for baby namers. Neither too trendy or too obscure, these names can offer the perfect balance looking for a middle ground between Emma and Emberlyn.

Unique Names Ready to Pop

Some names toward the top of the list seem to be swimming straight for the top, ready to break out when the 2019 tally of most popular names is released next May.

These unique names most likely to pop are:

             girls boys
1.     Winnie Alistair
2.     Chandler Bear
3.     Salem Blaise
4.     Indie Callahan
5.     Eleanora McCoy
6.     Cordelia Channing
7.     Jovie Frankie
8.     Elodie Wes
9.     Flora Vaughn
10.  Persephone Foster

Unique Names Ripe for Discovery

The next group of names, a bit further down the list, may not be discovered yet, but they strike the right style note.

             girls boys
1.     Marcella Slade
2.     Tabitha Boaz
3.     Cleo Rome
4.     Halo Krish
5.     Viola Taj
6.     Blessing Ansel
7.     Kensington Rio
8.     Loyalty Ulysses
9.     Beatrix Edmund
10.  Darcy Ocean

Unique Names You Never Heard Of

The list of Top Unique Names is also a place you can find names you never heard of before, but that you may be hearing a lot more of soon. And even if you’ve technically heard of some of these names, you might not be aware they’re floating up toward the Top 1000.

             girls boys
1.     Shea Link
2.     Ida Eamon
3.     Ripley Jethro
4.     Baylor Banks
5.     Capri Veer
6.     Quincy Lazarus
7.     Navy Elmer
8.     Havana Finnick
9.     Indigo Zeus
10.  Vida Cedar

For more ideas, check out our new list of Top Unique Names.

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