New Names from New Movies

2 Cassians and a girl named Mason

Every new movie season seems to bring with it a few character names that jump out for their distinctive baby name potential, and these past few months were no exception.  We found some new names that are right on trend—vintage nicknames, gender switches, literary characters, and surname names.  Here are 12 of the best—some of which just might catch on! By Linda Rosenkrantz


In Logan, the latest Wolverine film, set in a dystopian 2029, comic actor Stephen Merchant plays the mutant Caliban, a veteran of comics books and an earlier X-Men film. Best known as a not so appealing Shakespearean character in The Tempest, Caliban is, nonetheless, a name with an accessible feel, rhythmic sound and friendly nickname Cal. The X-Men movies have already done a lot for the name Logan.

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