New! First-Ever Berry Question of the Week

We’re turning around the Question of the Week format, so that you ask the questions of us and of the general Berry population.

Looking for advice on naming your baby?  Negotiating a name problem with your partner or mother-in-law? Or simply have a larger name question you’d like to ask the crowd?  Send your question to and maybe we’ll choose it for this column.

Our first-ever Berry Question of the Week comes from Lindy Diamond, a South African mother of two adorable little girls (that’s them in the photo) who’s expecting her third daughter and needs help in finding a name that fits her tight parameters.  Lindy writes:

“I have two daughters, with another one on the way in two months time – making me one week overdue for a three under three award! My first daughter is Ariella Jaime Diamond – we call her Ari for short. The second is Aerin Michaela Diamond, just Aerin at the moment.

While the “A” first name pattern was unintentional, I feel like I can’t just abandon it for this baby. I need a name that fits in with the pattern and feel of the first two.  The parameters:

Ari and Aerin both begin with A.

–Their names (either first or second) both contain the letters EL, putting the name of G-d somewhere in there too.

–Also, there is the wish to use a second name with an initial that honours a relative who has passed away (K, B, G, F, S, V).

–Our surname is Diamond, so certain initials will spell out no-goes, and certain first names wont work either (initials like A.D.D. or names like Amber Diamond)

I am enjoying the challenge of finding a name that fits these tight parameters, but wonder if the professionals could think of something I have missed!”

Over to you, Berries!  What are your name ideas for Lindy‘s new baby girl and Ari and Aerin‘s little sister?

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