Nameberry’s Popular Baby Names 2019

Nameberry’s Popular Baby Names 2019

The popular baby names 2019 on Nameberry are here, with Olivia retaining her crown as the Number 1 girls’ name and Milo taking the top spot for boys.

Nameberry’s annual Top 1000 Names list is based on views of our individual name pages over the full year. The complete roster is here.

The ins and outs of our new popular names count:

Top Girl Names 2019

The most popular girl names on Nameberry this year are led once again by Olivia, also Number 1 last year. Olivia is a top name on official name popularity lists too, in the US, the UK, and a wide range of other countries.

Isla retains her place at Number 2 and Charlotte stands firm at Number 5; both names are also popular on the SSA list. Aurora moves up three spots to Number 3.

New to the girls’ Top 10 are Luna, Ada, Maeve, and Ophelia, all names we expect to become much more popular for baby girls over the coming year.

Beyond the Top 10, girls’ names in the Top 100 making dramatic moves upward include Elodie, Adelaide, Freya, Lilith, Poppy, and Cordelia. 

  1. Olivia

  2. Isla

  3. Aurora

  4. Luna

  5. Charlotte

  6. Ada

  7. Cora

  8. Amelia

  9. Maeve

  10. Ophelia

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Top Boy Names 2019

Milo is the new king of popular boy names in a surprise upset. Milo unseated last year’s Number 1 Atticus, which slipped eight places to Number 9.

Nameberry favorite Asher moves up to Number 2. Archie rose a whopping 137 places to claim Number 3, but that dramatic move is due to the young prince and not (totally) to an increase in interest in the name.

Oliver is another newcomer to the boys’ Top 10, popularity that is reflected in official statistics. The only other new name in the top ranks is Aarav, though we suspect that’s because it’s the first name in many alphabet searches.

Beyond the Top 10, we see these boys’ names in the Top 100 as being particularly hot: Theo, Arlo, Jude, Atlas, Archer, Josiah, and Tobias.

  1. Milo

  2. Asher

  3. Archie

  4. Jasper

  5. Silas

  6. Oliver

  7. Theodore

  8. Jack

  9. Atticus

  10. Aarav

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Highest Jumping Girl Names

Is Frankie the Charlie of the 2020s? This gender-neutral nickname name jumped more than 500 points on our list, now ranking at #397. In fact, most of the highest-jumping girl names are gender-neutral, with Remy and Remi along with Darcy particularly hot.

Some of the highest jumping names have celebrity connections. Sutton is Sutton Foster, star of TV’s Younger, based on the novel written by Nameberry cocreator Pamela Redmond. Billie is inspired by teen singing sensation Billie Eilidh, and Reese is Reese Witherspoon, notable this year as the star of Big Little Lies.

But what comes up most go down, and many of the furthest-falling names are connected to celebrities too, including Zendaya, Rumi (Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twin daughter), and Stormi (Kylie Jennifer and Travis Scott’s little girl.

  1. Frankie

  2. Sutton

  3. Remy + Remi

  4. Darcy

  5. Posie

  6. Brooke

  7. Billie

  8. Reese

  9. Fallon

  10. Adah

Highest Jumping Boy Names

The hottest boy names of 2019 are a mix of ancient and modern, elaborate and sleek. The Ancient Greek Acacius and the angelic (but beware: he’s a bad angel) Azriel balance with the minimalist Ren and Ty.

As with girls, many of the names that fell the furthest have pop culture or celebrity connections, such as Kylo, Drake…..and Donald.

  1. Acacius

  2. Ren

  3. Azriel

  4. Rylan

  5. Abraxas

  6. Keanu

  7. Jaden

  8. Ty

  9. Grey

  10. Rafe

Top New Girl Names

These are the highest-ranking baby girl names that are new to the Nameberry Top 1000. Of this group, we’d expect Mika and Noa to translate most directly to names given to more babies in the coming years.

Names that fell off the girls’ Top 1000 include celebrity-connected picks like (Queen) Beyonce, (Princess) Eugenie, and (Kardashian baby) True, along with Lilou, Phaedra, and Zenobia.

  1. Lisann

  2. Anais

  3. Adina

  4. Amina

  5. Mika

  6. Paisley

  7. Jamie

  8. Noa

  9. Atara

  10. Meera

Top New Boy Names

These are the ten highest-ranked boys’ names new to Nameberry’s Top 1000 baby boy names 2019. They’re a mix of curiosities that may well be making a one-time appearance on the list and hot names  like Cove, Kiaan, and Everest that we expect to stay around for a while.

Boys’ names that fell off the Nameberry Top 1000 popular names in 2019 include Lebron, Tobiah, Sayer, and Birch.

  1. Siddharth

  2. Kamakanaalohamailkalani

  3. Gerald

  4. Cove

  5. Kiaan

  6. Rudy

  7. Etienne

  8. Arav

  9. Chris

  10. Everest

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Pamela Redmond

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