Nameberry Style: Mermaids in the Nursery

This week’s Nameberry Style column by Elisabeth Wilborn, creator of The Itsy Factor and You Can’t Call It It, looks at the freshest new nursery theme: mermaids.

Is anyone sick of owls yet?

It’s definitely smart to come up with an original theme, or at the very least a color palette, when designing a nursery.  A theme makes for a cohesive look and feel and also frees up precious brain space for other, more important baby-related decisions – like, yeah, names.

As themes go, owls made a lot of sense – for about three minutes.  Unlike bunnies or bears, owls are quirky animals, neither too passive (read: girly) or macho.  Plus, they symbolize wisdom, an eminently desirable role model quality for any child.

Yet design companies world over have honed in on owls as the second coming of nurseries.  Don’t get me wrong, I love owls as much as the next gal, but really, they’re starting to breed like rabbits.

My nomination for a substitute theme: Mermaids — in a cheerful palette of aqua and orange.   Yes, mermaids.  Not the Disneyfied Ariel kind, who usually manifest in polyester and plastic, but a more homespun, natural fiber kind of mermaid.

For a little boy you could always start with the same bedding but switch out mermaids for fish, pirates, or seahorses.  Up for the challenge?   Guaranteed these items will not have you hooting or humming “Under the Sea.”

1.     Flensted Mobile

2.     Blabla Kids Dream Ring

3.     Sea of Love Print by Suzy Ultman

4.     Coral the Mermaid by Blabla

5.     Plush Doll from Softies by Rachel

6.     Mermaid Bunting by The Miniature Knit Shop

7.     Argington Fish and Pebbles Organic Crib Set



Did you assemble a baby’s room around a theme, or just choose things you liked?


If you love the dream ring as much as I do, try your luck at winning over at The Itsy Factor where we’re hosting a giveaway!



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