Nameberry Picks: 12 Best Bunny Names

Nameberry Picks: 12 Best Bunny Names

With Easter upon us,  our thoughts naturally hopped right over to the area of rabbit names.

Bunny rabbits—the cute and the caustic– have populated children’s stories and cartoons from Beatrix Potter’s Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail to Uncle Wiggily and B’rer Rabbit to Walt Disney’s first character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and then Thumper to Bugs Bunny to Runaway Bunny all the way to the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit in Who Killed Roger Rabbit, who was a rabbit in name only.

A lot of these characters didn’t have actual names, or if they did, they weren’t baby-appropriate, but we burrowed through books, comics and cartoons, movies, television shows, and video games, and came up with our Nameberry Picks of 12 Best Bunny Names:

Benjamin Bunny, a Beatrix Potter character

Cecily Parsley, from another Beatrix Potter story

Harvey, James Stewart’s imaginary six-foot friend in the eponymous movie

Hazel from Watership Down by Richard Adams–the gentle oldie that Julia Roberts jumpstarted interest in

Ivory Monroe, from the comic By the Tail

January Q. Irontail in TV movie _Here Comes Peter Cottontail–_a name no longer exclusive to Ms. Jones

Kiko, a rabbit on television’s _Winx Club–_a possible smoosh of Kiki and Coco

Lola Bunny from the film Space Jam

Luna, the bunny from the Sanrio Jewelpet series–and a moonstruck name on the verge of mega-popularity

Niccolo, a merchant rabbit in the game Sword of Mana–and an exotic path to Nick

Peter Rabbit and Cottontail—the classic bunny name

Sheba Jones, an executive rabbit on Life in Hell

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Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz

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