Lego Baby Names: Axl to Zane

By Jocelyn Chamberlain

The official ‘Toy of the Century’ is guaranteed to feature heavily on Christmas lists this year. However, it’s amazing to think that Lego bricks have been around for 85 years and that their timeless design means the old and new still fit together perfectly. The ‘LEGO’ brand name was created by using the first two letters of the Danish words ‘Leg’ and ‘Godt’, meaning ‘play well’. The Lego Movie, starring Chris Pratt as Emmet Brickowski, was a big hit in 2014, followed by The Lego Batman Movie in 2017. Here are some names from the many Lego TV products and platforms that may make a great sibling choice for the little Lego-mad person in your house!


Aaron is a Lego Nexo Knight who’s ‘a care-free kind of guy’. The biblical name Aaron has featured in the Top 50 for nearly half a century and is still an attractive choice.

Axl is the giant muscle man on the Lego Nexo Knights team. It was the Guns ‘n’ Roses musician Axl Rose who originally created this rising name, but the traditional Scandinavian Axel is more popular, currently at Number 116 nationally and 18 on Nameberry.

Blake is a Lego Movie character; its now being seen as a unisex option helps it remain a sophisticated choice.

Clay is ‘the leader of the Lego Nexo Knights team and the most dedicated defender of the realm’. Clay is a solid, earthy one-syllable name with longer forms being found in Clayton and Clayborne.

Cole is another short Lego Nexo Knight name that embodies a lot of richness and depth, now ranked at #110.

Emmet is the leading Lego character in The Lego Movie. The Emmet spelling of this name now ranks at #891, the more popular Emmett is at a high of Number 136.

Jay is the blue ninja in Lego Ninjago and though the name may feel modern, it’s been in use for centuries. Jay could make a comeback in tandem with cousins May, Kay, Fay, and Ray.

Kai is the red ninja in Lego Ninjago and a strong name with multiple meanings including, ‘sea’ in Hawaiian, ‘forgiveness’ in Japanese, ‘willow tree’ in Navajo, and ‘food’ in Maori. It packs a lot into one syllable!

Lance is a Nexo Knight hero. Though the full name Lancelot brings thoughts of King Arthur, the short form Lance has consistently been in or around the Top 500 since 1938.

Lloyd is the ‘Ultimate Spinjitzu Master and takes the position as leader of the Lego Ninjajo team’. This Welsh surname was initially noted as a first in the English-speaking world in the early twentieth century, originally as a nickname for someone gray-haired.

Zane is the white Ninja in Lego Ninjago, and his crisp name, dating back to Western writer Zane Grey (born Pearl) now feels modern and fresh. However, the Arabic name Zayn (as in musician Zayn Malik) may sound the same but has different roots.


Andrea is a Lego Friends figure; this feminine form of Andrew has a friendly girl next door feel.

Ava is an amazing programmer and the chief technician aboard the Fortrex in Lego Nexo Knights, and Ava is a glamorous ancient name recalling Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Emma is a Lego Friends character whose lovely simple name is now the top girls’ name in the US, so feels overexposed for some, leading them to choose alternatives such as Amelia, Emilia, Amelie, Emmeline, and Ella.

Harley You wanna play? Okay. Let’s play’ This is Harley Quinn‘s soundbite from LEGO Batman 2. The unisex name Harley came over to the girls’ side in the early nineties and now feels like a true bad girl name.

Lotta is a Lego news reporter. This ‘nickname-name’ is the rarely heard short form of Charlotte or Carlotta, with Lottie is still the preferred version.

Macy is a Lego Nexo Knight, the princess of the animated Lego town ‘Knighton’. The singer Macy Gray made this name familiar and its musical link makes it a truly buoyant choice.

Mia is one of the five main Lego Friends characters. It’s an appealingly multicultural name which has shot up the charts, now the sixth most popular girls’ names in the US.

Nya (pronounced Nee-ah) is from the Lego Ninjago series. This short and sweet choice is currently represented by singer Nya Lee.

Olivia is another Lego Friends character; this beautiful Shakespearean name with a balance of power and purity is one of the most popular girls’ names in the world.

Stephanie has had twelve variations in appearance over her years as a Lego Friends character. The name, which means ‘garland or crown’, was in the Top 20 in the 70s and 80s.

Velma features in The Lego Movie and also in Lego ‘Scooby Doo’, giving it a decidedly retro 1970’s feel.

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Linda Rosenkrantz

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